We all know that the construction industry is, by the very nature of the work, a hazardous occupation. New York construction workers are aware of this as well, which is why they are well compensated for the high risks they take. However, as the website of lawyers Hach Rose points out, this does not absolve the responsible parties of liability for preventable construction accidents or injuries that the workers sustain due to negligence.

Deciding on who may be held liable for such accidents or injuries will depend largely on the circumstances. It is not always the construction owner, manager or foreperson, although in most cases they typically have control over the workplace. A NY construction accident lawyer can determine the proximate cause of the injury and pinpoint all the parties involved, especially when it concerns a large construction project. Possible defendants for a workplace injury lawsuit include:

  • Construction site owner
  • General contractors – they are often delegated the control over the whole of a project by the construction site owner, and may be held responsible for unsafe working conditions for that particular project
  • “Prime” contractors – these are special contractors delegated to specific tasks i.e. electrical work over which they have sole control and may be held responsible for the safety of their workers and subcontractors they may hire
  • Architects and engineers – these professionals may be held responsible if the design and engineering plans and material specifications they provide the construction crew prove to be defective, resulting in injuries to the workers. They are also expected to check on compliance, the failure to do so may result in an unsafe worksite
  • Manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment – a construction site frequently makes use of high-powered and industrial grade equipment that can result in serious injury or death if it malfunctions or if they fail because they have been incorrectly rated for a particular task or load

If you have been seriously injured in a preventable construction accident, you have a right to be compensated. Consult with a construction accident lawyer in your state to find out who you can hold responsible.